It’s time for a different kind of speaker…

Finally, a clear choice. Let’s start by asking what kind of experience do you want to provide? A snoozy PowerPoint deck coupled with a tired eye-rolling “Team Building Exercise!” Or, a universally relevant interactive journey, delivered by a best-selling communicator who’s been at the apex of his profession for 25 years? Provide your clients with a fresh perspective on life, passion and integrity while Tommy takes your event to new emotional and intellectual heights using razor-sharp wit, spontaneity, improvisation and disarming honesty. All planned universal lessons success applicable to everyone, everywhere, no matter what industry or profession.

His command of a stage and larger-than-life charisma is the pathway Tommy uses to touch every soul in a room. to explore his concepts of “sympathetic listening.”
His talk centers on “Absolute Authenticity” and simply put, is a game-changer. It applies to anyone, anywhere, in any role

No matter what profession the client, in some way, we are ALL artists trying to communicate with others and the world. We all have something to say. Staying authentic to your values, your core beliefs and executing on them without regret, is the secret to the one of most crucial element for business and personal success: Self-Respect.