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    Book Tommy’s Bands

    Music based events like none other.

    Interested in booking one of Tommy’s Bands at your venue, event or festival? The Groove Conspiracy XL (12 piece), The Groove Conspiracy XS (6 piece), The Birdland Big Band, travel locally and globally!

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    Book Tommy for Speaking Engagements

    Forget the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. This, will blow your attendees away. Large or Small. Public or Private. University or Corporate. Get information on how Tommy can light up any event using the power of music as a springboard to illuminate greatness, personal potential and universal authenticity!

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    Book Tommy for Drum Recording and Music Production

    Let Tommy record for you personally in his Grammy-Winning drum studio in California. No matter where you live, sessions are done for clients all over the world! From Dubai to Denmark to Denver, bring your music to new level with Tommy’s drumming. Also available via Tommy are access to some of the world’s finest musicians on every instrument! You won’t believe what your music will sound like when you get Tommy and some of his select friends involved!

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