Who Are You?

I only work with hungry, motivated people. What kind of person are you—what do you allow into your life? Some people, like me, demand the best they can get.  It’s a decision. Life is too short to waste time, too brief to have average experiences.

I offer three types of one-on-one experiences:
Music Instruction for Drummers and all instrumentalists.
Educational Instruction for all educators, regardless of subject, for those currently in education or considering entering the craft for their profession.
Career Counseling for artist professionals. We will deconstruct where you are and plan together how to get where you want to be.

Students are considered worldwide via Skype. And for those in the US, my custom-designed, sound-proofed studio in Mill Valley, California (10 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge), is a welcoming space designed to let us both feel empowered and energized. Students and producers fly in from all over the world for sessions!

Apply using the form below to receive the Manifesto. This document will answer every question and spell out every detail of studying with me. (Note, minimum age is 15).

I specialize in not only cultivating the talents that are easily seen, but uncovering the potential that you didn’t know existed. Be everything you were meant to be. Right now.

A testimonial… 
“When I was 16 years old, a 6’4″ looming man known as Tommy Igoe stepped into my world and ridiculed my pitiful display of, what I thought to be, a very kick-ass paradiddle.

At that critical age, this same man tried his best to steer me out of the depths of pubescent mediocrity, and to teach me, through both encouragement and example, to strive toward a greater goal of excellence. He taught using principles and mechanics; sweat and knowledge.

And now, as I gaze back through the past 15 years, it warms me immensely to see how his lessons and philosophies influenced so many aspects of my life, both on and off the drums. Thank you Tommy.”

– Brendan Buckley  (Shakira, Damien Rice, Minnie Driver, Wyclef Jean)

Brendan Buckley

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I first saw Tommy Igoe at the San Francisco Yoshi’s. Tommy Igoe and his band created some of the most intense, dynamic, and groovin' music I have ever heard live. I was so inspired to play with the passion that Tommy exudes whenever he plays. It was the greatest musical lesson I could have ever received, and most importantly, I wanted to play as soon as I got home!

Thank You So Much Mr. Igoe. - Anthony Ty Johnson
I developed chronic, unremitting pain over the past 6 years, and after losing count on how doctors I saw, I finally found help and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Tommys "Great Hands" DVD saved my drumming. The minute I watched it, it clicked. The "Great Hands" stuff just made clear sense, and it gives you a VISUAL road map on how to progress. - Stephen Teipe, Percussion Artist
I've had the honor of studying with Tommy in New York. Studying with him has pushed me to a new level of musicianship and ability beyond the drums. A great teacher, a great mentor, and most importantly a great man. I look forward to studying with him again whenever he is back in New York. - Larry Davis
I saw Tommy Igoe perform live TWICE at Birdland NYC! It should be mandatory for every professional educator to see and listen to the amazing virtuoso and watch him as he performs his miracles. - Karina Ruby, Athens Greece