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Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy Drumsticks


The Tommy Igoe signature “Groove Essentials” sticks by a Vic Firth.  These are the same sticks only available at Tommy’s live Groove Conspiracy shows – also branded with the band’s name. Available nowhere else!

Special Deal: this brick is picked “heavy” direct from Vic Firth – the exact same way they do for Tommy personally. These sticks are the “pick of the litter” and available only through tommyigoe.com.

This item is sold only as a brick, and includes 12 pair of drumsticks. Sticks are not sold individually

About the Stick:

Designed with prolific drummer and educator Tommy Igoe, these sticks offer length and extended taper for added leverage, power, and a great feel. “Taj Mahal” tip is ideal for sensitive cymbal work.

  • Long taper and extra length add leverage and reach Smaller
  • “Taj Mahal” style tip allows for intricate cymbal sounds
  • Diameter: .555″” | 1.41cm
  • Length: 16.13″ | 40.96cm
  • Taper: Long
  • Series: Signature Series
  • Surface Coating: Lacquer
  • Material (Wood): Hickory
  • Tip Shape: Taj Mahal

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