Onward and Upward

• News • October 1, 2011

“After a long and fruitful career in New York City, I’m excited for a new challenge. My family and I are moving to San Francisco. Besides NYC, SF is one of my favorite places to visit and perform and it will be fun to experience living there.

After the first question, which is “Are you JOKING!?!?”, the next one is, “What about your bands?” The Sextet and Birdland Big Band, I’m happy to say, will continue. The BBB will continue to play at Birdland on Fridays with a guest conductor and drummer. I will be coming back to NYC twice a month to play and lead the band. The Sextet will continue and our first gig of 2012 is already confirmed on “The Jazz Cruise.” Other offers are coming in. I’ve been asked if I’ll be starting West Coast versions of both bands and the answer for now is “we’ll see.” I need to learn the town, the musicians, and the scene. So, spread the word. I’m coming!

As far as private instruction, I will have an announcement in November. Literally, hundreds of you have been beyond patient and I appreciate it.

And, on a very happy note, the brand new Birdland Big Band recording is, I’m thrilled to say, finished! We’re aiming for a November 11 release party at Birdland and it will be available worldwide. This thing sounds insanely great (thank you, Steve Jobs), and will be the first recording we’ve done where we can finally say “this is what we do.” If you’ve never owned big band music before, or if you’ve never owned jazz before, or if you love music that blows your hair back with true acoustic power and virtuosity, this is your entry point. For everyone else who is already in that “club,” get ready. It’s coming for you.”
– Tommy Igoe

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