Vic Firth Tommy Igoe Signature Series Sticks

With such a wide array of musical styles explored during his career, it’s no wonder Tommy turned to Vic Firth to create a very versatile stick!

“I needed a stick with the ability to feel neutral in my hands as I switched musical styles,” explains Igoe. “The goal was to create a stick that is as well-rounded as possible; one stick for multiple styles that is musically appropriate and responsive. This stick is a chameleon, allowing me to produce the softest buzz roll to slamming rim shots!”

Tommy’s new Groove Essentials Signature Stick features a Taj Mahal tip that is ideal for sensitive cymbal work. The extended taper and length add leverage to this hickory stick for great feel and power when needed.

The stick gets its Groove Essentials name from Tommy’s series of books, DVDs and posters which are currently some of the world’s most popular drum instructional products. His concern for education is a high priority in his life and blends perfectly with Vic Firth!

“The commitment from Vic Firth to elevate our industry through quality products, music education and outreach that truly has an impact on the lives of everyday players and teachers means so much,” comments Igoe. “As my career progresses, I look to mentors and examples to help light my path. I look to Vic Firth.”

#STI; L = 16 1/8″, Dia. = .555″

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